Our Nursery

Our children are divided between two rooms according to their age and stage of development.

Caterpillar Room

Caterpillar room is dedicated to our youngest children aged between 3 months to 2 years or until they are walking.
The busy caterpillar room is spacious and airy for children to freely explore and learn in their warming environment.
Our dedicated staff will ensure the children have access to a range of stimulating, fun resources to support and challenge their little minds.

The room consists of a messy area where children have access to water, sand and painting opportunities. Children will learn to understand textures, colours and gross and fine motor skills to develop early writing skills.

The room has instant access to toilets and sinks to help children with Physical development.

Parents are to bring in nappies, wipes and creams. These are put in an individually marked tray and used only for your child. Nappies are changed on a 1 to 1 basis by the child’s Key worker. This gives the added benefit of adult/ child interaction and encouraging language development.
Children are checked every 2 hours and before sleep and mealtimes. Any child, who has soiled, will be changed immediately.

Butterfly Room

Butterfly room takes on children between the ages of 2-5 years depending on their stage of development. This is our busiest room with free flow access to the extended rooms and opportunities to explore a range of challenging stimulating resources indoors with adult initiated activities.

Children can enjoy playing imaginatively with their peers in the role play area and getting messy in our water and creative area.

We have a dedicated sleep area for children who need to rest depending on the parent’s preference. Beddings are dedicated solely to the one child and washed on a weekly basis or as and when needed. Children are monitored every 10mins by the delegated Staff in the area.

Staff are on hand to support children with toilet training. Children have instant access to child sized toilets and sinks to promote independence and confidence.

Staff will support children to learn skills to get them ready for school. Some examples of this entails, recognising their names, beginning to write letters and numbers and being able to feed and dress themselves.

Our Garden Area

The garden is secured with metal gates and CCTV to prevent any unauthorised person to enter the building.

Our garden consists of a range of resources and toys to suit children of all ages to freely learn various skills with the support of the Staff.
Children will have access to bikes, sand and water, digging and growing opportunities and climbing apparatus.