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Meal and Snacks

At Tots First Academy we understand how important meal times are, which is why we offer breakfast, snack, lunch and tea. All our staff have undertaken food and Hygiene training. Parents are welcome to provide a healthy pack lunch for their child if preferred. (Please note we are a nut free school)


Breakfast club is open from 8.15am to 8.45am. Offering a variety of options to cater for your child’s dietary requirement and preferences. Options available on the day are warm toast with butter, different types of cereals such as cornflakes, Weetabix and fruits such as bananas, apples etc. Milk and water also available.


Please see below our snack menu. Snack is varied throughout the week and is made fresh on the day. Snack is offered twice a day morning and afternoon catering for children’s dietary requirements. Snack bar consists of a variety of options such as fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates accompanied by milk or water. Fresh water is available and accessible to children throughout the day.


Lunch is catered in by The Professional Nursery Kitchen. Lunch is always a balanced hot meal served with a second course. This is optional as parents can provide a healthy packed lunch. Please ask a member of Staff for our Food policy.


Tea is fresh, wholesome and balanced and includes a variety of choices. This includes, sandwiches/wraps alongside fruit and vegetables. Parents do have the option to provide own tea.

Our Values

Love , Companionship, Belief


How will you make sure my child settles into the nursery well?

At Tots First Academy we understand the importance of children settling in during the first initial stages of their visit. We offer up to 3 settling in sessions at no cost. The first initial visit parents stay with their child for up to an hour as we understand this can be a daunting process for your child and yourself. The Keyworker will play alongside your child offering toys and resources that is of your child’s interest to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. During the second visit, the parents are asked to stay in the room for 45mins. Depending on the child and how they are settling into their new environment, parents will be asked to leave the room for the remainder of the 15mins. During the third visit the parent will stay in the room for 30 mins and again will be asked to leave the room for the remainder of hour. Settles can be extended if needed.